Taking care of the ones who matter most

We are highly selective with who we choose to drive “OUR” kids because when your children are in our care they become OURS.

We have an arduous 11 point driver selection process.

1. Our “In-Crowd” drivers will be licensed by the Taxi & Limousine Commission and will undergo a thorough fingerprint-enabled criminal background check. The applicants fingerprints are run through the FBI’s database, which includes criminal record information from all 50 states, including sex offender registries. If a person has a criminal history anywhere in the U.S., it will show up.

2. In-Crowders will have NO sex offender record.

3. Have commercial auto insurance that meets or exceeds state-required limits.

4. Passes NYC vehicle inspection every quarter

5. Valid Driver’s License / Good Driving Record

6. 10-year old or newer vehicle

7. Vehicles are registered with the Taxi & Limousine Commission

8. 24 years and older

9. In person meetings with Kidault

10. Completes driver orientation which includes proper installation of car seats.

11.  Zero-tolerance smoking, drugs and alcohol policy