Thinking of Safety and Comfortability

Rides for seniors

Kidault is not only for children, we understand that seniors have the same gripes when it comes to getting around. Schedule rides to medical visits, family functions or even the supermarket. Our In-crowders have a PhD in caregiving and will always go the extra mile for your loved ones whether that means walking them to and from the car or just making sure that they go into the right entrance.

Officials from healthcare startup Circulation estimate that 3.6 million Americans miss at least one medical appointment each year due to a lack of reliable transportation. Kidault seeks to improve patient access by providing reliable transportation options to patients. Medicaid/Medicare acceptance coming soon!

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Schedule Rides for Regular Trips

From health checks to family visits, schedule recurring rides in minutes with Kidault.

Live Monitoring with Every Ride

Get live video streaming of your family member as our In-crowders drive them to their destination.

Large Pool of Trained Drivers for the Elderly

Kidault drivers come with a background in child and family caregiving.


We understand that putting your child in a vehicle with a stranger is nerve-wracking but with our live video feed your fears can be put to rest! You can see what’s happening in the vehicle anytime during the ride and anywhere you are located.

Kidault monitors all rides so if something were to go awry a customer service representative contacts the driver to make sure everything is okay.