Let us take the headache away from your transportation logistics

Ride sharing designed with your family in mind

Share a ride (and the cost) with your classmates! Kidault takes the worry out of bringing you and your best friend home! Monthly carpool discount available email info@kidault.com for more info!
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Instant Communication

Parents can call or text driver via the app

Driver Rating

Parents can rate the drivers and even have the option to have the same driver repeatedly.

In-App Notifications

Parents receive notifications and repeat reminders along with driver details to ensure no pickups are missed.


We understand that putting your child in a vehicle with a stranger is nerve-wracking but with our live video feed your fears can be put to rest! You can see what’s happening in the vehicle anytime during the ride and anywhere you are located.

Kidault monitors all rides so if something were to go awry a customer service representative contacts the driver to make sure everything is okay.

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