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How Kidault Works:

Kidault App
Kidault App
Kidault App

Choose Your Drivers

Once the ride is accepted, a picture of your In-Crowder and their vehicle will be shown to you.

Let’s face it, people are more at ease when they see a familiar face. Kidault provides the option to have the same In-Crowder (if available) for all of your rides.

Let’s face it – last minute cancellations are a fact of life for both parents and drivers. Kidault mitigates such emergencies and reduces stress by letting you reach out to an alternative-certified driver fast.

Meet Our Drivers

Live Stream Your Ride

We understand that putting your child in a vehicle with a stranger is nerve-wracking but with our live video feed your fears can be put to rest! You can see what’s happening in the vehicle anytime during the ride and anywhere you are located.

Kidault monitors all rides so if something were to go awry a customer service representative contacts the driver to make sure everything is okay.

What our customers are saying about us:

kidault drivers are phenomenal and every process is so easy to follow as if it was designed by a parent. I just had my little girl and Roger (our driver) took us both to do groceries while my husband is busy at work. With only one, Kidault Kar became a part of our every day schedule.

Megan S

Mother of 1

Jenna is happy to help other families in her neighborhood and drive kids who are going in the same general direction (she actually prefers it – it keeps her kids occupied so she can listen to her favorite podcast!) And her older kids often drive classmates to and from school. She has gained my and my children's trust. Thank you Kidaultkar!

Sarah P

Mother of 2


Kidault operates on a pay-per use basis – no contracts or subscriptions required!
For your convenience, all payments are cashless and managed through the app.
Pricing is based on time and distance. Use our fare estimator.

Detailed Pricing

Visit our Fare Estimator to calculate ride-specific fares.

Kidault App

Let us help take care of your precious ones

Kidault is designed for busy parents. We understand the extra care that’s needed when arranging secure rides for kids and the elderly. We want to create a bond between you and our drivers.

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