A Job That Helps You And Others

Kidault is a driving service for children and seniors. We take pride in offering a safe, reliable service to our customers. Because of the responsibility our drivers have, we work diligently to provide an amazing work environment and culture for our drivers.

Why Should You Choose Kidault?

With so many driving services, you need a reason for working with one over the other. What sets Kidault apart from our competitors? We offer services to children and seniors which means your work impacts people in NYC in a large way. Because of the high standards we set for our drivers, we have high standards for how we treat In Crowders. 

Premium Pricing

You are responsible for precious cargo when you work for Kidault. That’s why we offer better pay than our competitors. Rides start at $25 when credits are purchased and increase from there. You keep 100% of tips. The world can be unsafe. Do what you can to make it safer and get paid to help.

Have Control Over Your Calendar

Customers have the option to book rides in advance. This means that as an In Crowder, you have access to your schedule before hand. No more guessing how many rides you’ll get and when they’ll take place. Control your schedule and know how your day will play out.

Becoming an In Crowder is the perfect opportunity to have a positive impact on your community and make it a safer place. And it’s a great way to make money.

Join Our Family of In Crowders

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